Oyster Optics is a research, development, engineering and licensing company focused on the development of leading edge fiber optic technologies. With a history of innovation in government, commercial, security, and broad-band applications, Oyster Optics has focused its resources on developing core optical technologies based on the needs of tomorrow.

Oyster Optics’ core telecommunications patents and intellectual property portfolio acquired by private equity fund Techquity 

Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, January 10th, 2012  --  Telecommunications technology solutions provider, Oyster Optics, Inc., which develops and licenses unique optical transmission methods relating to 40G and 100G fiber communications networks, announced that Austin, Texas-based private equity fund, Techquity, L.P. and its portfolio companies, have acquired its patent portfolio and intellectual property assets.

“Oyster Optics has developed key technologies and intellectual property around the efficient transmission of optical signals across communications networks,” stated Mark Roche, Managing Director of Techquity Capital Management, LLC, the Fund’s management company. “Given their high quality and proven history, these unique assets fill an important role in Techquity’s rapidly growing portfolio. We believe current and future demand for network capacity will provide continued opportunity for expanded use of this critical IP. ” 

Oyster Optics cutting-edge technologies are in use by equipment manufacturers in the US, Asia and Europe. The firm was founded in 2001 by a team of successful operators and serial entrepreneurs who saw the inefficiencies of telecommunication networks early on and invented specific technologies to transport fiber optics signals in a more efficient manner. Such technologies are being adopted today to enable the high-speed optical infrastructure operating at 40G, 100G and beyond, throughout the United States, and indeed worldwide. With the explosion of broadband data, including video, voice, wireless, TV and social media, such core networks are absolutely critical for productive business and government operations, and indeed the modern connected consumer experience. 

“Oyster Optics was impressed with Techquity’s strong telecommunications background and intellectual property prowess,” noted Seth Page, Chairman and CEO of Oyster Optics. “We see Oyster Optics’ leading-edge phase modulation technologies as a natural complement to their investment and commercialization strategy.” 

Dr. Hagen Hultzsch, longtime Oyster Optics’ Advisory Board Member and former Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom AG, further pointed out, “This transaction underscores the value of innovation and the success of the U.S. patent system in enabling, protecting, nurturing, and ultimately rewarding such unique inventions. Oyster Optics demonstrated that rare entrepreneurial vision, foreseeing market needs nearly a decade before market leaders did and hence creating new mainstream business opportunities where none had existed before.”

Oyster Optics’ investor and Advisory Board Member, Robert Wilson, a retired Goldman Sachs General Partner, President of Goldman Sachs International and the first Chairman & CEO of Lending Tree, provided additional perspective, “This company and executive team have weathered two major financial crisis’ and yet managed to adapt their business model to the changing landscape while growing their technology and patent protection base. This sort of long-term tenacity and uncompromising dedication is hard to find in a team these days and has ultimately provided an exit opportunity to investors and shareholders.”

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